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  • custom software development
    outsourcing & outstaffing services

Years on the market


We provide high-quality software to our customer satisfaction and we are very proud of the results we achieve.

We have been building our company on the basis of partnerships with customers since 2012. We take care of and improve the quality of outsourcing services provided by frontend and backend developers. We implement a functional organizational structure where each team member receives all the necessary resources at a convenient time. Thanks to regularity in connection with the organization, we provide customers with scalable software development services adjusted to their business plans, so that we can work out a new value from the investment in the shortest possible time providing software developers in outsourcing and outsaffing models. We prepare solutions tailored to the needs of our customers and propose change requests that increases the efficiency of the front-office and back-office applications created and maintained by our software engineers.
We are motivated and well organized. We have ambitious people with diverse experience: junior, medium, and senior software developer. We build scalable teams of skilled individuals who, due to low staff turnover, working closely together over the years. The ongoing flow of knowledge and continuous education of each other is a standard that we are implementing in each and every project lifecycle. Thanks to the cooperation between teams it is possible to coordinate the work of different software developers and achieve the effect of synergy. Our programmers understand the need to adapt to a changing business environment, so we come up with initiatives that automate and optimize our customers’ sales processes implemented CRM and ERP software.
We have open minds and are constantly looking for new opportunities for self-development. We improve our programming skills and change frontend and backend technology stack to newer and more efficient ones. We standardize the effects of our work by introducing automation procedures and business processes programming, hence we avoid many problems and save time. We do not forget about interpersonal as well as management-related and marketing skills. We believe in Marketing 3.0 and responsible company management and we take care of the world around us. This leads to a better understanding of our client needs which in turn translates to well designed CRM and ERP software development life cycles. We focus on continuous improvement of the quality of work, which is appreciated by start-ups and already established companies.

Optimize your software development life cycle

We will provide your company with software design, custom systems or software developers to improve return on investments.

Let us do the whole software development process of your IT project from A to Z. We can deliver MVP or full version using time&material or fixed-price settlements.
Scale your development teams with junior, regular or senior developers. Time & material settlements. Part-time or full-time support.
Custom systems
Advertisement portals. Loyalty programs. CRM systems. ERP systems. Accounting software. Custom B2B and B2C platforms. Ordering and sales systems.
Business processes
Software with implemented business processes allows you to maintain a stable level of quality of service. We can modify, design, and program business processes for your company.
Business Analytics
Start collecting reports and analyze data gathered by your business software to improve your employees' efficiency and create standards to manage customer relationships. We implement Intranets, document flow systems, data collection, and reporting systems.
Software support
Entrust us with maintaining and developing IT systems. We can take over software development from another supplier or your own team, so they can move on with implementing new features.

we know how to manage customer relationships

  • We are very pleased to cooperate. Fast, efficient and reliable. I would recommend!
    Piotr Bielecki, Trzask
  • Projects completed with GOTOMA always confirm that [they] are a reliable partner.
    Grzegorz Olszowski, Clevi
  • I am very happy with the services provided by GOTOMA! They are fast, efficient and know how to take initiative.
    Karl Hagas, HobbyLink Japan
  • The bottom line is that we work with people who are communicative and competent in technology.
    Paweł Maciszewski, Silk Software House
  • Always efficient and flexible. Developers very involved in implemented projects.
    Dariusz Kieda, ITligent
  • GOTOMA [are] high-class, well-organized specialists.
    Łukasz Pałys, Print & Display
  • My companies have had several years of very positive relationships with Gotoma. The service and quality of delivery is excellent. That combined with nice and humble personalities of the whole Gotoma team makes it a joy to be close partners.
    Patrick Gustavsson, Wedsly
  • Since the beginning of our collaboration, GOTOMA have always been professional, responsive and efficient.
    Radosław Głowaty, Kadromierz

software development quality? ask our clients

Thanks to our flexible, professional approach, and the high quality of work delivered by our software developers, the customer base is constantly growing. We have a wide range of experience, through working on a wide variety of IT projects and different product life cycles used in a variety of markets. This allows us to better understand our customers and offer business software designs that adhere to the next steps in their IT development, providing solutions that increase their return on investments and return on equity.

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WORK AT software development company

Our capital is staff, so we are constantly looking for new ambitious people who will join our professional team on different skill levels: junior, regular and senior software developers. If you value a high standard of work, want to maintain a good work-life balance, and you are constantly raising the bar for yourself, we have good news! We are looking for you!

Full Stack .NET

Basic tasks and responsibilities
  • maintaining and developing custom systems and internet applications
  • software design based on client requirements
  • creating technical and operational documentation of maintained and developed IT systems
  • proficiency with object-oriented programming in C# 6.0+
  • insight of .NET Framework 4.6+ and .NET Core 2.0+ features
  • familiarity with the Visual Studio 2017 development environment
  • knowledge and experience with: WPF, APS.NET MVC, Angular
  • experience with creating WCF services
  • work experience with MS SQL Server 2008+ and creating t-SQL queries
  • knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • grasp of REST / SOAP
  • understanding of OOP and SOLID principles
  • experience of working with TFS or GIT version control systems
  • experience of working with a project support system such as JIRA
  • grasp of basic design patterns (eg repository, factory, singleton)
  • good command of spoken and written English, allowing for easy communication
  • higher education or recent years of study in the field, majoring in Computer Science or related areas
Desirable skills
  • proficiency with unit tests creation
  • grasp of TDD and BDD concepts
  • experience with HTML5 and CSS3
  • familiarity with React, Bootstrap3+
  • experience with JavaScript, jQuery, JSON and AJAX
  • knowledge of Umbraco
  • knowledge of NodeJS
  • knowledge of JAVA Spring i Boot
  • knowledge of VBA
  • knowledge of PowerShell
  • insight of Office tools (Word and Excel)
What we offer
  • attractive financial package
  • transparent bonus system
  • continuous professional development
  • internal trainings
  • frequent integration meetings
  • access to the latest tools and technologies
  • stable work among professionals
  • ability to work remotely or in the office in Nowy Sącz
  • diversified range of projects
  • friendly atmosphere in an ambitious and professional team

Full Stack PHP

Basic tasks and responsibilities
  • maintaining and developing custom systems and internet applications
  • software design based on client requirements
  • creating technical and operational documentation of maintained and developed IT systems
  • proficiency with object-oriented programming in PHP5
  • insight of at least one framework (e.g. Zend 3, Symfony 3, CodeIgniter)
  • familiarity with development environment (eg Eclipse, PHPStorm, NetBeans, etc.)
  • knowledge and experience with: React or Vue.js
  • knowledge of relational databases (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • knowledge of REST / SOAP
  • understanding of OOP and SOLID principles
  • experience working with TFS or GIT version control systems
  • experience working with a project support system such as JIRA
  • knowledge of basic design patterns (eg repository, factory, singleton)
  • good command of spoken and written English, allowing for easy communication
  • higher education or recent years of study in the field, majoring in Computer Science or related areas
Desirable skills
  • proficiency in writing unit tests
  • grasp of TDD and BDD concepts
  • familiarity with Angular or Bootstrap 3+
  • experience with JavaScript, jQuery, JSON and AJAX
  • knowledge of CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  • grasp of e-commerce systems (Magento, PrestaShop, etc.)
  • knowledge of NodeJS
  • insight of Office tools (Word and Excel)
What we offer
  • attractive financial package
  • transparent bonus system
  • continuous professional development
  • internal trainings
  • frequent integration meetings
  • access to the latest tools and technologies
  • stable work among professionals
  • ability to work remotely or in the office in Nowy Sącz
  • diversified range of projects
  • friendly atmosphere in an ambitious and professional team

Software Tester

Basic tasks and responsibilities
  • recognition of business requirements and determination of key project points in the field of testing
  • creating requirements / functional documentation in cooperation with the client
  • creating a wide variety of tests for projects, covering all required elements (without code tests)
  • testing solutions developed by programmers - manual, acceptance, installation, alpha / beta, regression tests, etc.
  • knowledge of creating test reports
  • knowledge of technical validation of implemented projects based on internal quality requirements
  • knowledge of Polish and English at the communicative level in speech and writing
  • high interpersonal skills
  • insight of Office tools (Word and Excel)
  • higher education or recent years of study in the field, majoring in Computer Science or related areas
Desirable skills
  • understanding of OOP and SOLID principles
  • familiarity with any object-oriented language (preferably C# and PHP)
  • grasp of DDD and BDD concepts
  • knowledge and experience with testing methodologies: white-box, black-box, gray-box
  • knowledge of software testing tool (e.g. Selenium, Appium, Watir)
What we offer
  • attractive financial package
  • transparent bonus system
  • continuous professional development
  • internal trainings
  • frequent integration meetings
  • access to the latest tools and technologies
  • stable work among professionals
  • ability to work remotely or in the office in Nowy Sącz
  • diversified range of projects
  • friendly atmosphere in an ambitious and professional team


The skills of our software developers allow us to offer the right technology for the tasks we are assigned to, delivering maximum satisfaction to our customers, scalability, and efficiency of software development.

software design and development

The cooperation model is also tailored to customers' expectations. Waterfall – when the priority is to implement a given project within the set budget and on time. Agile – to achieve full functionality in a dynamically changing business environment. Prototype – when we want to check the possibility of achieving the goal or a quick presentation. Incremental – when the system is to be developed in stages.


  • angular
  • bootstrap
  • jquery
  • react
  • smarty
  • twig
  • vue


  • asp-dot-net
  • dotnetcore
  • dot-net-entity
  • mvc5
  • symfony3
  • yii


  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • sql-serwer


  • active-directory
  • aws
  • azure
  • magento
  • presta
  • salesforce
  • wordpress
  • woocommerce


  • ajax
  • doctrine2
  • docker
  • json
  • linq
  • ms-wpf
  • ms-wwf
  • webpack
  • winforms

Case studies

We know how to use the knowledge gained over the years and are eager to share it. Please, take a look at our success stories!

1. Internet applications

We provide customers with a technological advantage over the competition and generate added value with IT solutions.

The customer, operating in the medical industry, regularly takes part in tenders organized by the National Health Fund. These tenders are crucial for the company's operations as they determine the future of such institutions.

Our cooperation has allowed the customer to develop a significant technological advantage in the field of information technology, which the competition is lacking.

Computerization of the patient service process, i.e. on-line registration and electronic disease history, has naturally accustomed the staff to this form of work with patient data. Transparent schedules, along with ergonomic lists, save time for all employees and companies involved in the provision of medical services.

Data are organized in shared repositories of research results (images), allowing for their processing in a safe way and enabling reviewing the history over several years back, which has a significant impact on the quality of diagnosis and patient management.

Year after year, all the implemented solutions are further improved and their cost has returned. The conscious automation (acceleration) of patient service processes and gaining more points in the tenders have allowed the company to win better contracts and increase market share.

Rozwiązanie: wdrożony system informatyczny, który odpowiada za całość procesu obsługi pacjenta.
Wybrane technologie: WebForms, WebApi, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL, JQuery, GIT.
Outsourcing: MVP version within 960 hours, full version within 3000 hours.


2. Software development lifecycle

Interactive agencies take advantage of the fast change implementation process during marketing and advertising campaigns.

Many years of cooperation with interactive, creative and advertising agencies have allowed us to work out fast processes regarding sales and management of IT orders. Lead time is a critical factor.

Our framework agreement, combined with dedicated teams of professionals, allows us to order work very quickly, estimate the time of implementation (costs) of planned activities, and then start production on the basis of the supplied graphic templates.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer people who do not specialize in software engineering solutions tailored to the budget and time needed for their implementation.

We have become external IT departments for many of our partners. As a result, the profitability of their projects has increased (costs only during production, no staff turnover). Customers have been working for years with programmers or teams that participate in our internal lifelong learning processes and are subject to our quality procedures.

Not every customer has a budget to create an internal IT department and quality department. This is when we step up and take responsibility for the IT part of the project in an official form or remaining transparent.

Solution: online shops and websites.
Selected technologies: Wordpress, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, SalesForce, Magento, Drupal, GIT.
Outstaffing: 20-40 hours of monthly support for a number of companies.


3. Outstaffing

Improving the sales process generates more revenue. Introduce procedures and systematics into your e-commerce solutions to improve the quality of implementations and enhance your image in the eyes of sales specialists and customers.

A few years ago we started cooperation with a large, highly computerized company, whose sales, inventory management and most of the internal communication are based on constantly developed IT solutions. The sales process is one of the many mechanisms that are subject to very frequent updates for the needs of sales specialists.

These challenges have taught us to be humble and remain calm at work. We have understood how repeatability, along with procedures, saves time. We have done this together with the customer by introducing a plan of work, quality and robustness that is appropriate to the scale of the solution. We are able to manage development and supervise a large number of business logic processes, cooperating in an asynchronous or synchronous manner.

The willingness to control the process of continuous integration of a huge number of changes made by a team of programmers for operating systems has led to the creation of dozens of technical documentation templates. They are always the starting point for even the smallest change that we plan to make to the system.

Programming work is carried out in accordance with the aforementioned documentation of functional and technical requirements. The prepared code is subject to internal and external acceptance procedures on the basis of the established quality level, and their results are reported in the form of sets of scripts together with test scenarios allowing for manual and acceptance tests.

The programmers are proficient in using the solutions offered by the version control system – GIT. They create appropriate branches for their modifications and combine code, whereas automated scripts, which we run in the modified Team Foundation Server environment, are responsible for updates of development and production servers.

Initially, the formalization and amount of time spent on describing action plans did not meet with the approval of the team, but today we can no longer imagine working on such extensive solutions without systematics and procedures. The positive effect on the end result is invaluable. Our specialists actively influence projects of commissioned tasks by looking at problems from a broader perspective and taking into account complex project and process connections.

Solution: processes implementing business logic, integrating and synchronizing data.
Selected technologies: ASP.NET MVC, WebForms, Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Workflow, MS SQL, JavaScript, Telerik, SignalR, Team Foundation Server.
Outstaffing: 900-1000 hours of monthly support.


4. Outsourcing

Entrust your projects to professionals. Take advantage of our experience in organizing the production of IT systems. Quality is profit, lack of quality is cost.

We take over the implementation of projects from various industries. Many of our customers have lost considerable resources while maintaining cooperation with freelancers. The lower hourly cost of the developed projects was lost during the subsequent maintenance and development of the prepared solutions – time-consuming development work is the result of a rush, along with the lack of plan in the context of solution scalability.

After similar adventures, one of our customers turned to us for help in rewriting all their systems in order to achieve a coherent whole in one go – we refused.

The approach involving rewriting everything that has been created over many years and forms an incoherent whole without documentation would end up delivering a huge project for acceptance after many months or even years of production – a catastrophe in the form of a system that is not adapted to changing conditions over time.

As a solution, we proposed introducing step-by-step changes, i.e. rewriting each application in stages, divided into smaller sprints, which can be independently accepted and implemented instead of the replaced elements. We incorporated new functionalities into the stages, so not only were we replacing the current solution, but we were also making improvements – you can see the progress.

Even the best freelancer cannot replace a harmonious and well-integrated team, which in case of absence of several people still provides the right level of service. A freelancer does not have enough time like us. With a freelancer, in case of problems, the rush generates chaos and projects turn into minefields, the further development of which becomes a time and financial nightmare.

As GOTOMA, we introduce procedures organizing work in the developed projects and plan their development at a time correlated with the deadlines important for the customer. We take an evolutionary approach, not a revolutionary one. We rewrite the systems entrusted to us step by step. We integrate data, automate upload processes for development and production environments. We update the documentation, which facilitates taking over the project at later stages. We care about the standardization of the service – we do not rely on individual skills. We are a harmonious team, which is guided by the willingness to support the customer in achieving the intended goals.

Solution: system for planning and organizing production based on existing machinery.
Selected technologies: Symfony, MySQL, Bootstrap, Salesforce, GIT.
Outsourcing & outstaffing: full version within 3000 hours, then 160 hours of monthly support and development.


5. Outsourcing & outstaffing

Expand your team flexibly with our programmers. Stop worrying about what to do with the team after the project has been completed.

Do you know the budget or time frame? Do you represent a start-up that has to deliver an MVP by the deadline agreed with the investor, otherwise everything will be lost? Recruitment may be time-consuming; the team will be uncoordinated, recruited specialists may turn out to be impostors, scandals follow scandals, and the time is running out.

We suggest moving the production of MVP to us. We will identify the Product Owner and then assign an independent team that will perform the functionalities which generate value for the project within the expected deadline. When work on such a scale is no longer needed, we will pass the project step by step to the target team on the customer's side.

We recruit programmers and have managers with different levels of experience, so we know what people will be needed in the project to be able to develop further according to established standards. This will give a new company time to establish itself and focus on looking for more investors or customers.

This is how we created an MVP of a new Wedding Planning system, which has already attracted new investors, for one of our customers. The production lasted 12 months and required the work of three full-time programmers each month. Sometimes things were heating up – but ultimately the product achieved its business goals and the company obtained the expected funds from investors.

For our part, there were no problems in handing over further development to the team that had been formed in the meantime on the customer's side, and our contribution was limited to one monthly support post and the possibility to enlarge the team for the time of more intensive development work.

Solution: Web application allowing to plan weddings and creating offer requests for hosts.
Selected technologies: Symfony, MS SQL, Bootstrap, GIT.
Outstaffing: 320 hours of monthly support and development.


6. Custom software

Control the effect of scale in your company – IT tools will allow you to regain lost profits.

Using our own example, we can show how observation of the situation, data analysis, and then the decision to automate the processes allowed us to determine what the reason for the smaller number of hours worked by the production teams was, in order to eventually regain time (profits).

The problem concerned the organization of integration events, which in our case are a cyclical initiative taking place every week. Using our internal instant messaging client, each person had to confirm their presence in advance, with different proposals and different dates appearing in the meantime. Then, as the date of the meeting approached, some people changed their mind, so the attendance list had to be constantly modified and the conversation regarding a particular event needed to be followed (at least by the organiser).

An analysis of historical data showed that in order to determine who, in a team of more than twenty people, would appear each person had to spend a few minutes on passing the information to others and at least one person had to verify the list for a dozen or so minutes a day. We managed to establish that as a company we wasted 4 to 5 hours a week and 16 to 20 hours a month, which gives a total of 192-240 hours every year. What happens if the company grows and has 100 or 200 employees? It would be necessary to create a full-time position only to verify the attendance list – these are unnecessary costs that can be used for other purposes.

In order to meet the problem, we prepared a solution for our own needs. A web-based RWD application was developed based on .NET Core, with a subscription for calendars on mobile devices, thanks to which everyone can indicate what types of events they are interested in and others can quickly find out if there are enough people willing to go a restaurant, e.g. next Friday.

Learning from good experience, we also analysed the issue of ordering food, which often becomes a real NP problem.

Solution: web-based application with a subscription to the calendar of events inside the company.
Selected technologies: .NET Core, Bootstrap, GIT.
In-house: full version within 160 hours.


7. ERP software

Automate information collection and analysis, use artificial intelligence to optimize your decisions.

Delegation of power in conjunction with supervision allows the company to grow beyond the initial framework in which most decisions fall within the competence of the founders.

Introduction of procedures enforces identification of common points related to the performance of duties, implementation of sales processes, cooperation with customers and implementation of IT projects. Determining the common points makes it possible to indicate the optimal decision-making path for a given situation in relation to the current state of knowledge.

Knowledge is ephemeral; we collect some information every day, while some reaches us once in a few years. IT systems do not forget anything, that is why accurate indication of common points and then preparation of a table structure that can be analysed allows us to optimize our decisions by relying on historical information.

By answering a few simple questions, our system, referred to as OMB (Organize My Business), allows managers to get hints when making project-related decisions on the basis of historical data, which are aggregated and form a kind of the company's knowledge base. This allows us to reduce the project risk generated by less experienced managers, by showing them how we behaved earlier in a similar situation and what effects were achieved.

Another clearly visible element is the panel of visual grouping of processes, which we supervise in one larger process. In this way, we present the context of our responsibility.

A project manager is not really interested in what stage the work in task number GTM-6589 is at. They are interested in the progress in the context of the whole project, i.e. delivering the agreed content of sprints within the set deadline. Only when problems are visible at their level of responsibility does the manager want to learn more.

The system allows specifying a database of questions, which will be automatically asked to a given subordinate project manager without wasting time on writing e-mails or making phone calls. The process of obtaining information accelerates and knowledge is distributed quickly so we undertake the course modification faster.

We do not avoid discussion, we do not hide from live confrontation. We prepare ourselves (all parties involved in the planned meeting) for brainstorming so that we can present our thoughtful arguments and ideas in a constructive and less time-consuming way, i.e. we focus on solving the problem instead of hunting witches.

Solution: system for managing services provided over time by people and machines.
Selected technologies: .NET Core, Angular, Bootstrap, MS SQL, GIT.
In-house: MVP version within 960 hours.


8. Support others

You support the community of which you are a part, help the development of the weak and change the world for the better.

At GOTOMA we believe in the vision of an organization that participates in building a civilization of peace and prosperity, developed to a level where technology will provide more people with access to dignified life and opportunities for further growth.

Companies like ours have an advantage over individuals because it is easier for us to find resources to support all kinds of social initiatives for which organization of a collection among individual people would take too long.

We are a company that automates itself and our customers in order to generate more financial resources to support social initiatives the organization of which is outside our sphere of competence – we are professional software engineers, but we do not yet know how to organize scientific workshops for kids. We do not pass on the costs of our vision directly to our customers, but we indirectly involve you in the process of providing help and assistance, using measures resulting from the technological advantage that results in greater efficiency.

We are aware of the fact that we should not decide how to use the resources of our customers, so we consciously inform you that by working with us you support initiatives such as: the Ja Też Mam Marzenia Foundation, the Sądecka Foundation, the "Zdążyć z pomocą" Children's Foundation, the Sądeccy Pasjonaci Basketu Association, MUKS Dunajec from Nowy Sącz.

Solution: Marketing 3.0.
Selected technologies: social responsibility, empathy, kindness.

Social responsibility

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and work by creating solutions allowing for optimization and automation of business processes. Technological progress in the service of man will enable better management of resources available to present and future generations.

We also believe in Marketing 3.0, which Philip Kotler has been teaching for many years in his numerous publications. We are a compassionate company offering financially accessible products. In addition, we pass on part of the profits to respected social matters such as broadening the horizons of young people.

We have the ambition to grow in business and extend our philanthropic activity to a region larger than the Sądecczyzna, where we support, among other things: the Ja Też Mam Marzenia Foundation, the Sądecka Foundation, the "Zdążyć z pomocą" Children's Foundation, the Sądeccy Pasjonaci Basketu Association, MUKS Dunajec from Nowy Sącz, the Festival of the children of mountains, the Sądecki Elektryk Association.

  • jatezmammarzenia
  • fundacjasadecka
  • muksdunajec
  • basket
  • swieto dzieci gór
  • zsem


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